The first teachers we encounter in our lives are our parents. They teach us how to speak our first words, walk the first steps, to eat...basically everything about life and living. Soon, we begin to emulate them, in the way we dress, our mannerisms and our behaviour. When we grow up, it feels but natural to follow in our parents' footsteps and study in the college our mother or father went to. If you feel so, stop!
There are more reasons than one to not do so.

Reason #1- #ThinkBig!
You have far more choices than your parents ever had. Do not limit yourself to one. Explore all options before you decide.

Reason #2- Times have changed!
Your parents must have studied in a great institution, no doubt, but times have changed and the demands of the corporate world keep changing with time. Stay abreast with the times. Choose what is the best today, not what was the best two decades ago.

Reason #3- It is your battle after all!
Your parents love you and want you to succeed, but at the end of the day, YOU are the one who will spend a significant time of your life in the institution, setting the foundation for the career YOU want to pursue. If you are happy, you will do well!

Reason #4- Life beyond books.
Choose a college that aims at all round development and extra-curricular activities. Many important lessons of life are learnt outside books.

Reason #5- Emotions vs Goals
Your parents' college may be in the city you live in and the temptation to stay at home is high. Decide your priorities and don't give up the chance to pursue your dream career for the comfort of your home.

Watch the video here. Trust me, it is inspiring!!

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